Telford model boat club is an established and well respected club, catering for all types of models that float. The club was first known as the Telford New Town Model Boat club, using the town park lake in Telford. The club gained access to it's present water at Priorslee Lake, off Teece Drive, Telford. Close proximity to junction 4 on the M54 gives easy access to all members, visiting modellers and any interested members of the public.

The club has the use of some excellent facilities on site, including a superb toilet block.

The club holds several regatta's and club day's, covering many of the members interests. The BMPRS hold some of their regatta's at our lake during the year. One area that many club members have taken part in, is hydro racing. This has it's origin in the USA and is a very fast form of model boat racing. The range of boat types covered is large, as is the type of engine. Engines can be powered by both petrol and methanol (sometimes referred to as nitro) based fuel. The power output is very high as is the RPM. Speeds of up to 80 mph are possible on a large lake such as Telford's water at Priorslee. We use our rescue Dory for the retrieval of boats that have stopped during regattas.

For many years the club held multi boat racing, this being an endurance type of race. Speeds are slower at around 40 - 50 mph, although the boats are very manoeuverable and can turn on a 'sixpence'.

Scale boats can take many many hours to build, but are also very satisfying to see. Scale speeds are maintained at all times. Scale regattas are held all over the country, judging appearance and manoeuverability.

Model yachts are sailed by some members, this being a very relaxing sport on a calm sunny day, although a good turn of speed can be developed when the wind is suitable.

The club is always willing to help out new and old members, both at the lakeside and at club meetings during the winter 'building' months. The key to model boating is taking part in activities at any level.